Top 10 Best 3D Printer Controller Boards : Reviews & Buying Guide

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It’s not always simple to purchase a 3D Printer Controller Boards. Being dazed is easy when you see hundreds of variations are available in the market for the same 3D Printer Controller Boards by different manufacturers. According to the performance, quality, longevity and overall user experience, they are so similar that you may get hard to make your final buying decision. On that situation, only one thing can assist to find out the best 3D Printer Controller Boards and make a winning deal for you.

There are few very essential topics which you must count before buying a 3D Printer Controller Boards, and that is what we are going to discuss about in the below. It’s a proper review guideline for you that will include the advantages and disadvantages of your preferred product, as well as its sustainability, affordability, functionalities, and practical benefits. There will also be a solid comparison of a few related products. Now you can easily choose the best one for you. Let’s take a look inside.

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Top 10 Best 3D Printer Controller Boards Review In 2022

In this section, we attempted to identify the top ten 3D Printer Controller Boards from thousands of products. This list will make you feel confident in your ability to obtain your chosen 3D Printer Controller Boards in a matter of minutes. We prioritized their utility, performance, durability, look, cost, and previous user experiences. We are confident that this list of the top 10 3D Printer Controller Boards will help you find the one that best fits your needs.

Bestseller No. 1
BIGTREETECH SKR V1.4 Control Board 32bit Upgrade SKR V1.3 Motherboard, Compatible TFT35/TFT35 E3/TFT70 Touch Screen Mini12864 LCD Support TMC2209/EZ2209/TMC2208/TMC5160 for Most FDM 3D Printer
  • ⭐Using 32-bit 100MHz ARM-class Cortex-M3 series LPC1768 main control chip, the performance is greatly improved.
  • ⭐Equipped with highly modular open source firmware Marlin 2.0, which is convenient for users to DIY and secondary development.
  • ⭐Support 2.4, 2.8, 3.5-inch color touch screen, support LCD2004 screen, LCD12864 screen; Upgrade configuration firmware through SD card, simple, convenient and efficient operation.
  • ⭐It can supply power to TFT screen, BLtouch, Neo-pixel by plugging in an external DC5V power module; in addition, I2C, SPI, WIFI interface is reserved to facilitate customer DIY.
  • ⭐On-board TMC driver SPI working mode and UART working mode, and the on-board DIAG function pins are convenient for customers to use, eliminating the complicated wiring process, which can be used by simply removing and inserting the jumper cap; Functions such as continuous power on, material detection, shutdown after power off.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Makerbase MKS Mainboad Monster8 V2 32Bit Control Board 8 Axes for V2.4 Voron VS Spider Octopus 3D Printer Compatible TMC2209 Support Marlin 2.0.x Klipper U Disk TMC Driver UART Mode LCD12864 MKS TFT35
  • MORE FUN WITH STRONG DIY SUPPORT: Makerbase MKS monster 8 for voron large 3d printers have 8 stepper drivers and 9 motor interface(Driver0,1,2-1,2-2,3,4,5,6,7) which support multiple motor drives such as A4988, DRV8825, LV8729, TMC2208, TMC2209, TMC2225, TMC2226, gives more flexible DIY upgrade capability. You can replace the motor drive by yourself. The Monster8 mainborad can be used on Voron 2.4 Creality Ender-3 Ender-3 V2 and Ender-3 pro, please update the firmware on Github first.
  • MARLIN AND KLIPPER FIRMWARE SUPPORT: Makerbase MKS monster8 3d printer motherboad support marlin 2.0.x and klipper, requires a Klipper host such as Raspberry Pi or MKS PI
  • FLEXIBLE MATCHING FOR DIVERSITY: EXP1 and EXP2 for Makerbase MKS control board supported a wide variety of lcd display such as LCD2004, LCD12864, MKS MINI12864 V1.0, MKS MINI12864 V3.0, and also works for Makerbase touch screen including MKS TFT24, MKS TFT28, MKS TFT32, MKS TFT35, MKS H43
  • MOTHERBOARD EXPANSION FUNCTION: 6 endstop support power select(X-,X+,Y-,Y+,Z-,Z+) and 3D TOUCH(PA8) interface, support DFU mode set by button(Boot0), Support driver power select(5V or 3.3V), Support TMC UART and SPI mode, SENSORLESS_HOMING function(Diag0-5,connect to X-,Y-,Z-,X+,Y+,Z+) and also Integrated SPI communication micro sd card and reserved SPI signal UDISK and virtual USB device.
  • MCU is STM32F407VET6, 168MHz, 512K flash, 192KB RAM, Built-in CAN transceiver and interface(connect to CAN)
Bestseller No. 3
BIGTREETECH Kraken Control Board Onboard 8×TMC2160 Drivers Up to 60V High-Performance Perfect Fit Voron Phoenix CoreXY 3D Printer DIY Support Klipper/Marlin/RRF For HDMI5/HDMI7, EBB SB2209 CAN, BTT Pi
  • BIGTREETECH Kraken Control Board Utilizes 32-bit ARM Cortex-M7 series STM32H723ZGT6 MCU with a main frequency of 550MHz; High-performance MOSFETs to reduce heat generation.
  • Onboard 8 TMC2160 drivers in SPI mode with DIAG function pins; simply plug and unplug jumpers for easy use; Onboard two MAX31865 modules, supporting dual PT thermocouples and compatible with two or four-wire PT100/PT1000, facilitating DIY usage for customers.
  • Reserve 2 CANbus ports (JST socket, which can directly connect to BTT EBB SB2209/SB2240 CAN wiring); Reserve two four wire fan interfaces, with optional 24V/12V/5V voltage, and can be used to connect to water cooling devices;
  • Reserve proximity switch interface, supporting NPN and PNP type selection (24V/12V/5V) voltage options; Reserve SPI extension interface for users using Klipper firmware to connect external acceleration sensors for acceleration compensation.
  • If you plan to DIY assemble a Voron24 Core XY 3D printer with large-sized dual IDEX high-performance properties, you can choose: BTT Kraken* 1PC, EBB SB2209 or EBB36 or EBB42 CAN* 2PCS, BTT Pi* 1PC, HDMI5 or HDMI7* 1PC; This set combination will satisfy you.
Bestseller No. 4
BIGTREETECH SKR Mini E3 V3.0 32Bit Control Board with TMC2209 UART Stepper Driver New Upgrade 3D Printer Silent Board for Ender 3, Ender3 Pro, Ender-3 V2 3D Printer
  • 🔥Main Control Chip: Adopt STMicroelectronics' latest G0 series main control chip STM32G0B1RET6 or STM32G0B0RET6;
  • 🔥Three CNC Fan: Increase the heat dissipation controllable fan to reduce the printer temperature when the device is working;
  • 🔥Increased Heat Sink: Redesign the drive heat sink, strengthen the drive heat dissipation capacity, and greatly improve the heat dissipation performance;
  • 🔥USB Micro B: The PC communication USB interface is upgraded from Mini USB to Micro USB B, which is more adaptable;
  • 🔥Output Power Supply: Increase SPI output port +3.3V power supply, external SPI sensor power supply voltage +3.3V and +5V are optional, support the motherboard to directly supply power to peripherals.
Bestseller No. 5
BIGTREETECH SKR Mini E3 V3.0 Motherboard with TMC2209 UART Stepper Motor Driver BTT 32 Bit Silent Control Board, Support Marlin/Klipper for Ender-3, Ender-3 V2, Ender-3 Pro 3D Printer
  • 🔥【Born for Ender-3】Main control chip of BTT SKR Mini E3 V3.0 mainboard is STMicroelectronics' latest G0 series: STM32G0B1RET6 or STM32G0B0RET6. This 3D printer control board is compatible with Ender-3, Ender-3 V2, Ender-3 Pro, Ender-5 and Ender-5 pro.
  • 🔥【Larger Heatsink and 3 CNC Fans】Upgraded SKR MINI E3 V3.0 has a larger aluminum heat sink area for stepper motor driver, increasing its heat dissipation performance by 20%. And SKR MINI E3 V3 also has 3 heat dissipation controllable fans to reduce the heat of your 3D printers when it's working.
  • 🔥【DIY Friendly】BTT SKR Mini E3 V3.0 motherboard supports BLTouch, RGB lights, blocking detection and shutdown function. It also supports TFT35 E3 V3.0.1/TFT35 V3.0.1/TFT28 V3.0 touch screen as well as original 12864 LCD screen.
  • 🔥【Onboard TMC2209 Drivers】BIGTRETECH SKR MINI E3 V3.0 mainboard is integrated with ultra silent TMC2209 stepper motor driver. TMC2209 driver generates lower heat and has a larger-area cooling position to lower the working temperature. Meanwhile, TMC2209 adopts stealthChop2 Mute technology to ensures noiseless operation, maximum efficiency and best motor torque.
  • 🔥【Firmware Update】SKR Mini E3 V3.0 is compatible both with Marlin and Klipper firmwares. Firstly download firmware on GitHub website of SKR MINI E3 V3.0 motherboard, copy and save it to SD card (Note: ensure firmware have been reserved ), then re-plug the SD card and wait for 10s. Note: Our control board comes without SD card.
Bestseller No. 6
BIGTREETECH Octopus V1.1 Control Board 32bit Silent Board Compatible TMC2209, TMC2240, TMC2208, TMC5160 Stepper Driver, Support DIY Klipper and Raspberry-Pi Online Printing for Voron 3D Printer
  • 【Main Control Chip】Uses a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 series STM32F446ZET6 main control chip with a core frequency of 180MHz.
  • 【Strong DIY Support】This motherboard supports up to 8 stepper drivers with 9 stepper driver outputs in total; And up to 6 PWM fans and 2 always-on fans with the ability to individually select the voltage rail that will drive each fan. Select from Vin, 12V or 5V.
  • 【Realize Online Printing】Interfaces with a Raspberry Pi using emulated serial over USB or direct UART to any of the serial ports on the board, to realize Klipper Firmware and Raspberry Pi Online Printing.
  • 【Motherboard Expansion Function】Support BLTouch, locked-rotor detection, shutdown after printing, resume printing after power failure, CAN bus, U disk function, IIC expansion; at the same time reserved WIFI interface, PT100 thermistor interface (optional, Only reserved interfaces, customers need to purchase chip welding, please pay attention.), dual Z-axis printer.
  • 【Increase Protection Function】Uses high-performance MOSFETs to increase heating efficiency while also reducing heat generation on the motherboard. Supports “print from SD card” and “print via USB OTG” using the integrated USB-A port.
Bestseller No. 7
HiLetgo RAMPS 1.4 Control Panel 3D Printer Control Board Reprap Control Board for Arduino Mega 2560
  • The fifth stepper motor output port can be customized as a Z-axis motor or a second extruder.
  • Can be extended to control other accessories.
  • Three field effect transistors, three heater / fan output ports, three thermistor circuits.
  • Heated bed control, extra 11A fuse.
  • Pololu board foot socket, can be easily replaced or removed.
Bestseller No. 9
BIGTREETECH SKR 3 Control Board 32Bit New Upgrade Silent Board Support Marlin/Klipper, DIY 3D Printer Motherboard Support TMC2209 UART, TMC5160T, TMC5160T Pro, TFT35-E3, TFT35, Mini12864 LCD Display
  • ✨Using 32-bit ARM Cortex-M7 series STM32H743VIT6 main control chip with a main frequency of 480MHz, the performance is greatly improved. Supports use of Marlin & Klipper firmware.
  • ✨The power supply chip adopts TPS5450-5A, which supports DC12/24V power input; the output current of the chip is up to 5A, and the peak value is up to 6A, which perfectly supports the power supply of Raspberry Pi.
  • ✨The CNC fans can realize 24V, 12V, 5V voltage selection through the external power supply module, which saves the operation of the customer's external transformer module and reduces the probability of damage to the motherboard.
  • ✨On-board high-performance MOSFET, increase the protection circuit of the thermistor part, to avoid damage to the main control chip due to leakage of the hot bed or heating rod.
  • ✨The thermistor can select the pull-up resistance value through the jumper, in this way, it supports PT1000 without external module, which is convenient for customers to use DIY.
Bestseller No. 10
BIGTREETECH DIRECT SKR Mini E3 V2.0 Control Board 32Bit Silent Motherboard Integrated with TMC2209 UART Stepper Motor Driver for Upgraded Ender 3 Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer Control Board
  • 🌈【Silent Control Board】BIGTREETECH DIRECT SKR MINI E3 V2.0 adopts ARM Cortex-M3 series STM32F103RCT6 main control chip with 32-bit CPU 72MHz, integrated with TMC2209 to enhance its stability. It's a super easy drop in replacement for Ender 3 printer.plug and playing.
  • 🌈【Better Thermal Dissipation】The hot-bed MOS tube uses WSK220N04, low on-resistance, which reduces heat generation. Enlarged heat dissipation area protects driving chip and components from problems caused by heat sink.
  • 🌈【Support Various Functions】BTT SKR MINI E3 V2.0 control board supports various function extensions, such as, BLtouch, filament detection, resumption of shutdown, shutdown after shutdown, etc .
  • 🌈【 4 Layers for Board】BIGTREETECH DIRECT SKR MINI E3 V2.0 increased to 4 layers on the control board's back, so as to improve on heat dissipation signal function and anti-interference.
  • 🌈【Satisfying Customer Services】If you need any information for SKR MINI E3 V2.0, you could contact us on Amazon, and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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Here Are Some Tips For Choosing 3D Printer Controller Boards

As a human being, this is quite impossible to know everything well. You can know about some more thing but you cann’t be a jack of all trades. In that scenario, reading a thorough buying guide can prevent us from making a costly mistake after buying a 3D Printer Controller Boards due to a lack of knowledge.

You do not have to be an expert on that specific product in order to purchase it. Just emphasize on few important things which we are going to discuss in the below. Taking these simple considerations into account may make your shopping experience more pleasant and straightforward. Let’s get started.

Identify what you wants

The first thing you need to discover that what your needs or requirement. If you aren’t aware of your demands, there’s a big chance you’ll buy the wrong things at the wrong time and waste a lot of money. So, first of all and probably most important, we suggest that you take time to consider your necessities for a 3D Printer Controller Boards. You can make a short list about your needs. This simple task will lead you to simplify your purchasing process. Then you will be able to know your prioroties which is the most important thing.

Budget vs. Cost

Budget is that one issue which you can’t ignore before you decide to purchase anything else. Any amount of price can be set for your desired product. Different expences like manufacturing, raw material purchasing, logistics and other operational costs and most importantly compny’s brand value as well are the key factors of pricing. The higher quality you demand, the higher amount of money you may have to spend for that. This is the reason, budget really matters for. And it is true as a universal truth for the 3D Printer Controller Boards too.

You may heard this popular sayings, “Cut your coat, according to your cloth”. So, find your desired products as per your wishlist first. Analyze the features and prices carefully.Compare them well and choose the best one. The biggest question may come to your mind at this point which is your pocket is ready to spent such amount of money to buy this 3D Printer Controller Boards or not. If yes, then go for it. If your pocket refuges to do so, then think about the second best option that you got.

Choose the Right Brand

Because of our emotional links, we are frequently predisposed towards certain companies. But not everytime this practice results get good. Besides all we agree that we have to rely on renoened brands. Because having enough cash in your pocket makes making decisions half as easy. But remember, not every brand is good for everything. As a result, you must tread cautiously when deciding whether or not you have picked the appropriate brand for your specific product.

People are divided into two groups. One is dependent on a particular brand, while the other is unconcerned. What he requires is the right product for the amount he is paying. As we don’t have any idea about your typo.But there are few tips which may come adjuvant for both of you at the time of choosing the right brand for the right product.

  • Make certain you are familiar with the brand.

  • What people are saying about this brand.

  • Analysis the reviews of any specific products of that brand.

  • Contrast the features with those of competitors.

  • Are you satisfied with the features?

Check the features section

Whether you buy it online or offline, the first thing you should check is while buying is the features of 3D Printer Controller Boards. This little effort will assist you to get a clear picture about the product. It will make you understand, that product does match with your requirements or not.

The features part also helps us in analysis the differences between ourselves and others. Then, based on the features, you can compare it to similar products. One will have a better understanding of quality as a result of this work, making it easier to move forward with our final decision.

Benefits and Drawbacks must be considered.

Every item has its own set of advantages and pitfalls. It is our duties to carefully examine them out first before buying them. So, keep yourself cool and figure out the negatives you expected from that 3D Printer Controller Boards. Perhaps another manufacturer created the ideal one for you. Just don’t be too lazy to compare your options with theirs before making your final decision.

The section of Pros and Cons can be found on the majority of websites. That section should be read with caution. If you have any further questions, simply contact them via email or phone to seek their assistance.

Quality & Durability

Color, Style, Performance, Materials, and, most importantly, Durability are all components of quality. Before making a purchase, you must consider the facts about ensuring quality. When you make this your own, you will demand the quality first. Does this 3D Printer Controller Boards worthy or not against your investment? The answer of this question can be found by its quality.

Know About Warranty and Return Policies

Every producers produces products. Good quality products are being maintained by some of them. They make creative advertise also to attract buyers like you and me. Still, everything is okay. But one thing remains yet to think about and that is After Sales Service. For many, it’s really a big deal and it is quite able to make a big difference.

Warranty, gurantee and return policies are so vital that not checking them will be a great mistake. Antyhing can be occured even after buying the best quality product by spending a huge amount of money. Not a single thing will last forever in this universe. Still the expence you will do for the 3D Printer Controller Boards, don’t you think that you deserve a minimum return of value from that? So, be careful about checking policies. Sometimes, there may be some hidden issues which they won’t make you clear with words. At that time, simply ask their delegate about thier policies again and have patience until you get the whole thing unequivocally.

Checking FAQ & Customer Reviews make your task easy

Cheking customer reviews and FAQ answers can save your precous time greatly. FAQs are few common questions that were asked frequently by mass people like you and they have been answered as well. In the mean time, you can get a clear picture of the product according to the experience of the real users of it through the customer reviews.

So, checking out these two things, you will get the idea of both. You may find there such informations which might not come in your mind to ask if you didn’t go through. Then you will be able to decide strongly buying this 3D Printer Controller Boards will be worthy or not.


The final suggesion is you must consider about the value that the 3D Printer Controller Boards providing you is justified enough with the price you are being asked to pay for it. Do you think it is worthy to pay so? Does your demands be fullfilled with that? That’s the thing that should get the most importance we guess.

We hope this article will help you to recognize and buy the best 3D Printer Controller Boards in the market and so that you enjoyed it as well. If you think it’s a good guideline for you, then all of our efforts will get success. End of the day, we measure our happiness with your satisfaction.

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