Can God Hear Me Cry

I sit in my room, on the floor, with my back against the door. I’m surrounded by pillows and a blanket, but I’m not crying because I’m cold. I’m crying because my life is falling apart and I don’t know what to do.

I feel like I’ve been screaming for help for years, but no one can hear me. Not even God. Surely, if He existed, He would hear me cry.

But He doesn’t answer my prayers or help me when I need it most. So either He’s not real or He doesn’t care about me. Either way, I’m alone.

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When you’re feeling lost, it’s natural to wonder if anyone is listening. You might cry out to God, but feel like He’s not hearing you. But the truth is, He always hears you.

God is never too busy to listen to your prayers. He knows your heart and your hurts, and He wants to help you through them. So don’t give up hope – keep talking to God, and know that He is always listening.

Does God Hear Me When I Talk to Him

When you talk to God, do you feel like He’s really listening? Do you feel like your prayers are just bouncing off the ceiling? It can be discouraging when we don’t feel like God is hearing us, but we need to remember that He is always listening.

Just because we don’t feel His presence doesn’t mean He isn’t there. God hears every word we say, whether we’re praying out loud or simply thinking it in our heads. He knows our every thought and desire, so we can rest assured that He hears us when we talk to Him.

The important thing is not whether or not God hears us, but how we respond to His voice. Do we listen for His guidance and follow His will? Or do we ignore His nudges and forge ahead with our own plans?

When we take the time to listen for God’s voice, we’ll find that He always has something good to say. So don’t give up on talking to God – he’s always listening!

Can God Hear Me Cry


What Does God Say About Your Crying?

God says that your tears are a sign of your broken heart. He says that they are a sign of your sorrow and pain. But he also says that they are a sign of your hope and faith.

He says that they show that you trust him and believe in him.

What Happens If We Cry in Front of God?

If you’re anything like me, you might have been raised with the idea that showing emotion is a sign of weakness. So, it’s no wonder that many of us hesitate to cry in front of God. After all, He is all-powerful and all-knowing, right?

Surely He doesn’t want to see us at our weakest moments. Wrong. In fact, crying in front of God can be one of the most empowering things you can do.

It shows Him that we trust Him enough to be vulnerable and honest with Him. It also allows us to release our emotions and lay them at His feet. So what happens when we cry in front of God?

Here are three things that happen: 1. We Release Our Emotions Crying is a natural way for us to release our emotions.

When we cry, our body releases neurochemical substances that help us to feel better emotionally and physically (1). In other words, crying is good for us! And when we allow ourselves to cry in front of God, we are releasing our emotions into His care.

He knows how we feel and He wants to help us through whatever it is that has upset us. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 says, “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles.” What a beautiful promise!

We can know for certain that when we turn to God with our tears, He will comfort us. 2 Timothy 4:18 says,”The Lord will rescue me from every evil attack and will bring me safely into his heavenly kingdom.” What an incredible truth! No matter what storms or trials we face in this life, we can rest assured that God will ultimately bring us into His everlasting kingdom where there will be no more sorrow or pain (Revelation 21:4). There is nothing too big or too small for God; He cares about everything that concerns us (Psalm 138:8). So don’t hesitate to bring your tears before Him today! 3) We Draw Near To God When we cried as children, our parents would often pick us up and hold us close until we felt better. In the same way, when we cry out toGod with our tears,He draws near tous(James 4:8b).

How Do I Know God Hears Me?

There are a few ways to know that God hears you. The first is through prayer. When you pray, you are talking to God and He is listening.

You can also tell that God hears you by the way He answers your prayers. He might not always answer them the way you want Him to, but He will answer them in His own time and in His own way. Another way to know that God hears you is by reading His Word, the Bible.

As you read, God speaks to you through His Word and reveals Himself to you. Finally, you can know that God hears you by the way He works in your life. He will use people and circumstances to show Himself to you and guide your steps if you let Him.

Does God Speak to Us Through Emotions?

No, God does not speak to us through emotions. Emotions are a human experience and are not indicative of anything beyond the individual. While it is possible to feel moved by something spiritually, emotion is not a reliable way to communicate with or understand the divine.


It can be difficult to feel like God is listening when we are going through tough times. We may cry out to Him, but feel like He isn’t hearing us. But the truth is, God hears our every cry.

He knows our every thought and feeling. And He wants to help us through whatever we are going through. The key is to keep crying out to Him, and to trust that He will help us in His perfect timing.

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