Do Snakes Make a Clicking Sound

Do Snakes Make a Clicking Sound? This is a question that I get asked a lot, and the answer may surprise you. While most snakes don’t make any noise at all, there are a few species of snakes that do make noise.

One of these is the clicking snake, which gets its name from the clicking sound it makes when it’s hunting for prey.

Snake making clicking sounds

If you’ve ever been walking through the woods and heard a strange clicking sound, it might have been a snake. That’s right – some snakes can make a clicking noise by rubbing their scales together. It’s usually used as a warning to predators or other animals that they’re not welcome.

So, why do snakes do this? Well, it’s all about their scales. Snakes have overlapping scales that are smooth and often shiny.

When they rub these scales together, it creates a noise that can be used to startle predators or warn other animals to stay away. Interestingly, not all snakes can make this clicking sound. In fact, only certain species of snakes have the ability to do it.

So, if you ever hear a clicking noise while out in nature, there’s a good chance it’s coming from a snake!

What Snake Makes a Clicking Noise

If you’re lucky enough to hear a snake make a clicking noise, it’s probably a rattlesnake. These snakes are found in the Americas and are characterized by the rattle at the end of their tails. When they shake this rattle, it makes a distinct clicking sound.

Rattlesnakes use their rattles as a warning sign to predators or humans that they are not to be messed with. The sound is meant to intimidate and give the snake time to escape. If you’re ever hiking or camping in an area where rattlesnakes are known to live, be sure to take caution and listen for this distinctive sound.

Do Snakes Make a Clicking Sound


What Kind of Snake Makes a Clicking Sound?

One of the most interesting things about snakes is their wide variety of methods for communicating. Some snakes hiss, some rattle their tails, and some even click! Clicking sounds are usually made by blind snakes, which are a type of burrowing snake found in Africa and South America.

These nonvenomous snakes use clicking as a form of echolocation, much like bats. By clicking their tongues against the roof of their mouths, they can send out sound waves that bounce off objects and allow them to “see” what’s around them.

Why Does My Snake Make a Clicking Noise?

There are a few reasons your snake might make a clicking noise. One possibility is that they are trying to shed their skin and the clicking noise is them rubbing against something to help loosen the old skin. Another possibility is that they are hungry and the clicking noise is them licking their lips in anticipation of food.

If your snake is making a clicking noise and you’re not sure why, it’s best to consult with a veterinarian or experienced reptile keeper for help.

Do Snakes Make a Ticking Noise?

No, snakes do not make a ticking noise. This is a common misconception, likely because of the sound rattlesnakes make when they shake their tails.

What Does a Snake in the Wall Sound Like?

If you have ever had the misfortune of hearing a snake in the wall, you know that it is a very unsettling experience. The sound is unlike anything else, and can send chills down your spine. It is important to remember that snakes are not naturally aggressive creatures, and they will usually only make this noise if they feel threatened.

If you hear a snake in the wall, it is best to leave the area immediately and call animal control.


If you’re out in the wild and you hear a clicking sound, beware! It might just be a snake. Although not all snakes make this noise, some species are known for their clicks.

So why do they make this sound? Read on to find out. There are two main reasons why snakes click.

The first is to communicate with other snakes. This noise lets others know where the snake is and what it’s doing. The second reason is to scare away predators or prey.

The loud noise can startle an animal and give the snake time to escape. So next time you’re hiking through the woods, keep your ears open for any strange clicking sounds. It could just be a harmless snake, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

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