How Long Can Spiders Hold Their Breath

Most spiders can hold their breath for up to forty minutes. This is because they don’t have lungs like humans. Instead, they have a series of small holes along their abdomen that they use to breathe.

When a spider is underwater, it will close these holes off so that no water can get in and drown them.

Don’t Flush Spiders Down the Toilet; Spiders can live for days underwater

How long can spiders hold their breath? That’s a question that scientists are still trying to answer. Spiders are able to hold their breath for long periods of time, but the exact amount of time is unknown.

One study found that a spider can hold its breath for over an hour! That’s impressive, but it’s still not known how long they can go without taking a breath.

How Long Can Wolf Spiders Hold Their Breath

Wolf spiders are among the most proficient hunters in the spider world. They are able to stalk and capture prey that is much larger than themselves. In order to do this, they need to be able to hold their breath for long periods of time.

So how long can wolf spiders hold their breath? Studies have shown that they can survive for up to an hour without oxygen. This is an impressive feat, considering that these spiders only have two tiny lungs.

It is believed that wolf spiders are able to hold their breath for so long because they produce a special protein that helps them store oxygen in their bodies. This protein allows them to keep hunting even when there is very little oxygen available. So next time you see a wolf spider hunting its prey, remember that it is capable of doing something that we humans could never do!

How Long Can Spiders Hold Their Breath


How Long Can a Spider Hold Breath?

While most spiders breathe through tiny holes in their abdomens, some species have specialized organs for breathing. The brown recluse spider, for example, has book lungs—flat sheets of tissue with many small air sacs. Arachnologist Norman Platnick of Columbia University reports that the animal can live for more than an hour in an airtight container.

The length of time a spider can hold its breath depends on the size of the animal and how active it is. When spiders are resting, they don’t need much oxygen and can survive on very little air. Some tropical spiders build special chambers called retreats where they spend most of their time motionless.

How Long Can Spiders Go Without Oxygen?

Most spiders can go for about two to three days without oxygen. However, some tarantulas can hold their breath for up to 45 minutes!

Can Spiders Hold Their Breath for 40 Hours?

No, spiders cannot hold their breath for 40 hours. They can, however, survive for long periods of time without access to oxygen. This is because they have a low metabolic rate and do not need much oxygen to sustain their bodily functions.

When spiders are exposed to high levels of carbon dioxide, they will enter into a state of suspended animation called “torpor.” In this state, the spider’s metabolism slows down and it does not move or eat. The spider can remain in this state for months or even years until the level of carbon dioxide decreases and it is able to resume its normal activity.

What Kills Spider Instantly?

There are a variety of things that can kill spiders instantly. Some common methods include: -Smashing them with your hand or an object

-Using insecticide spray or dust -Applying a spider repellent


Spiders can hold their breath for a long time. They don’t need to breathe very often because they don’t have lungs like we do. Instead, they have something called book lungs which are located in their abdomen.

These allow them to take in oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide in a way that doesn’t require breathing. So, how long can spiders hold their breath? It really depends on the species, but some can go for over an hour without taking a breath!

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