How to Connect Bluetooth to Tvs Ntorq

If you have a TV with Bluetooth capabilities, you can connect your Ntorq to it and use it as a speakers. Here’s how: 1. Make sure that your TV’s Bluetooth is turned on and set to “Discoverable.”

2. Put your Ntorq into pairing mode by holding down the button on the back of the device for 5 seconds. 3. Select “Ntorq” from the list of available devices on your TV screen. 4. Enter the PIN code that appears on your Ntorq’s display into your TV (this may be 0000 or 1234).

5. Once paired, you should hear audio coming through your TV’s speakers.

How To Connect Tvs Ntorq 125 With SmartPhone | Ntorq Ko bluetooth Se kaise Connect Kare

  • Make sure your Ntorq is turned on and in range of your TV
  • Go to the settings menu on your TV and find the Bluetooth settings
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your TV and select “Add new device
  • Your TV should now show that it’s searching for Bluetooth devices
  • On your Ntorq, go to the Bluetooth settings and make sure it is set to “visible” or “discoverable
  • Select your TV from the list of available devices on your Ntorq and enter the passcode if prompted
  • Your Ntorq should now be paired with your TV!

How to Connect Tvs Ntorq Bluetooth in Iphone

It is very easy to connect your TV to your iPhone via Bluetooth. Here are the steps: 1. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Bluetooth and make sure that Bluetooth is turned on.

2. Select your TV from the list of devices under Other Devices. If you don’t see your TV listed, make sure it’s in pairing mode. 3. Once your TV is selected, tap on the info button and then select Pair.

Your iPhone will now start searching for your TV. 4. When your TV appears in the list of devices, select it and enter the PIN if prompted. Your TV and iPhone will now be paired and you’ll be able to watch videos from your iPhone on your TV!

How to Connect Bluetooth to Tvs Ntorq


How Do I Connect to Ntorq Bluetooth?

Assuming you would like a step-by-step guide on how to connect your NTorq scooter to your phone via Bluetooth: 1. Make sure your NTorq is turned on and that the key is in the ignition. 2. On your phone, open up the Bluetooth settings.

3. In the list of available devices, select “NTorq”. 4. If prompted, enter the PIN code “0000” or “1234”. 5. Once connected, you can access various features of the NTorq app on your phone, such as view current speed and battery level, change settings, check riding statistics etc.

What is the Use of Bluetooth in Ntorq?

The ntorq is a scooter that uses Bluetooth for its control system. The Bluetooth allows the user to connect their smartphone to the scooter in order to control it. The user can then use their smartphone to control the speed, direction and other functions of the scooter.

This makes it very convenient for users who want to be able to use their smartphone while riding their scooter.

How Many Phones Can Be Connected to Tvs Ntorq?

TVS Ntorq can be connected to a maximum of 4 phones at one time. This allows you to take calls, receive notifications, and listen to music while staying connected with your friends and family.

Which App is Use for Ntorq?

The Ntorq is a scooter manufactured by TVS Motors. It was launched in India in February 2018. The scooter is targeted at the youth and comes with several first-in-class features.

It is powered by a 125 cc engine and has a top speed of 95 km/hr. The Ntorq is available in three variants – Standard, Race Edition and Drum Brake Variant.


It’s pretty easy to connect your Ntorq to a TV via Bluetooth. Here’s how: 1. Make sure your TV is turned on and that it’s set to the correct input for your Ntorq.

2. Press and hold the pairing button on your Ntorq for 3 seconds or until you hear a beep. This will put your Ntorq into pairing mode. 3. Go to the settings menu on your TV and find the Bluetooth settings page.

4. Select “Add Device” or “Pair New Device” (the wording may vary depending on your TV model). 5. Your TV should now scan for nearby devices and should list your Ntorq as one of them. Select it to pair the two devices.

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