What is the Difference between 5W And 20W Apple Charger Updated

Apple updated the standard iPhone charger from a 5W charger to a 20W charger with the release of the iPhone 12. The new 20W charger is capable of charging the iPhone 12 up to 50% faster than the 5W charger. The 20W charger is also compatible with all other Apple devices, including the iPad Pro and MacBook Air.

As of September 2019, the answer is “not much.” The new iPhone 11 comes with a faster charger and a larger battery, but the bottom line is that both the 5W and 20W chargers will charge your phone at about the same speed. The main difference is that the 20W charger can charge your phone up to 50% faster than the 5W charger.

So, if you’re in a hurry and need to get a quick charge, go for the 20W charger. Otherwise, the 5W charger will do just fine.

Difference between 12W And 20W Apple Charger

When it comes to Apple chargers, there is often a lot of confusion about the difference between 12W and 20W. Here’s a breakdown of the key differences: 12W:

– Lower wattage means that it will charge your devices more slowly. – It is best suited for charging smaller devices like the iPhone SE or iPad mini. – The 12W charger is also less expensive than the 20W option.

20W: – Higher wattage means that it will charge your devices more quickly. – It is best suited for charging larger devices like the iPad Pro or MacBook Air.

– The 20W charger is more expensive than the 12W option.

Is the 20W Apple Charger Worth It?

No, the 20W Apple charger is not worth it. It offers very little in terms of increased charging speed and is significantly more expensive than the standard 5W charger. If you’re looking for a faster way to charge your iPhone, we recommend using a wireless charger or upgrading to a higher-wattage charger.

Is 5W Charger Good for Iphone?

No, a 5W charger is not good for iPhone. The standard iPhone charger is a 5W charger and it is not powerful enough to charge the iPhone at full speed. The iPhone 7 and newer models require at least a 7.5W charger to charge at full speed.

Does Apple 20W Charger Damage Battery?

No, the Apple 20W charger will not damage your battery. In fact, it is one of the safest and most efficient chargers available on the market today.

What Does 20W Mean on a Charger?

When you see a charger that says 20W, that means the charger is capable of outputting 20 watts of power. This is a higher wattage than most standard chargers, so it will charge your devices faster. If you have a device that supports fast charging, then using a 20W charger will take advantage of that and charge your device even faster.


Apple has updated its iPhone and iPad chargers from 5W to 20W. The new charger delivers more power and is faster than the old one. It also includes a USB-C port for charging newer devices.

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