Can We Demand Things from God

There are a lot of people in the world who believe that they can demand things from God. They think that because they are good people, they are entitled to certain things from Him. However, this is not the case.

We cannot demand anything from God. He is not obligated to give us anything.

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  • First, realize that God is all-powerful and all-knowing
  • He created the universe and everything in it, so He is capable of anything
  • Second, understand that God loves you and wants what is best for you
  • He knows what you need before you even ask Him
  • Third, approach God with humility and a willingness to listen to His will for your life
  • Ask Him for wisdom and guidance in making decisions about what to request from Him
  • Fourth, be specific in your requests and don’t try to manipulate God into giving you what you want by using false flattery or empty promises
  • Be honest about your desires and trust that He knows what is best for you
  • 5 Finally, have faith that God will answer your prayers according to His perfect plan for your life

Prayer of Demand

“Prayer of demand” is a term used to describe a specific type of prayer that is directed toward God with the intention of receiving something from Him. This could be anything from healing, financial provision, guidance, or wisdom. The key element in this type of prayer is that it is based on faith; believing that God is able and willing to provide what is being asked for.

There are many examples of prayer of demand in the Bible. One well-known instance is when Jesus prayed for Peter’s faith to be restored (Luke 22:32). Another example can be found in James 5:15, where we are instructed to pray for one another when they are sick and going through difficult times.

In both of these cases, and many others like them, we see that God responds positively to prayers that are offered in faith. If you find yourself in need of something from God, don’t hesitate to bring it before Him in prayer. He wants us to come to Him with our needs and concerns (1 Peter 5:7), and He has promised to meet those needs according to His riches in glory (Philippians 4:19).

So whatever it is you’re needing today, remember to approach the throne of grace with confidence, knowing that your Father hears and will answer your prayers accordingto His perfect will.

Can We Demand Things from God


What Does the Bible Say About Putting a Demand on the Anointing?

The Bible makes it clear that we are not to put a demand on the anointing. In 1 Corinthians 12:4-11, Paul rebukes those who were doing just that. He says, “Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit. And there are differences of administrations, but the same Lord. And there are diversities of operations, but it is the same God which worketh all in all. But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal.”

We see here that it is not our place to demand anything from God or His anointing. The anointing is given for our benefit and we are to use it accordingly. In 2 Timothy 4:20, Paul tells Timothy not to be ashamed of his testimony “for the sake of the gospel” and then goes on to say “but be thou partaker of suffering for the gospel according to the power of God.”

Here again, we see that it is not our place to demand anything from God or His anointing—even when we suffer for doing good. We are called to be faithful witnesses and partakers of Christ’s sufferings (1 Peter 4:13), regardless of what we may receive in return. When we focus on being obedient and faithful instead of demanding results, we can trust that God will work through us and use us as He sees fit—according to His perfect will.

Can You Ask God for Stuff?

Yes, you can ask God for stuff. But it’s important to understand that God is not a genie in a lamp who will grant your every wish. Instead, He is a loving Father who knows what’s best for His children.

When you pray, you should always start by thanking God for all the good things in your life. Then, you can ask Him for anything you need or want. It’s important to be specific in your requests and to trust that He will provide what you need, when you need it.

God wants us to come to Him with our needs and desires because He knows what’s best for us. So don’t be afraid to ask Him for anything – big or small!

Does God Let Us Make Your Own Decisions?

When it comes to making decisions, does God let us make our own? This is a question that has perplexed people for centuries. Some believe that God is in control of everything and that we are merely pawns in His grand plan.

Others believe that we have free will and that He respects our choices, even if they don’t align with His will. So, who is right? It’s difficult to say for certain who is right and who is wrong because it’s impossible to know God’s thoughts and intentions.

However, what we can do is look at scripture to see what it has to say on the matter. And when we do that, it becomes clear that both sides have some valid points. For example, Jeremiah 10:23 says, “I know, O LORD, that the way of man is not in himself, that it is not in man who walks to direct his steps.”

This verse seems to indicate that our choices are not entirely up to us; rather, God has a hand in guiding our steps. On the other hand, Joshua 24:15 says, “And if it seems evil to you to serve the LORD, choose this day whom you will serve… But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.” Here we see evidence of free will; Joshua tells the people they can choose whether or not they want to follow and serve God.

Ultimately though, he makes it clear that he and his family have chosen to serve Yahweh. So what can we conclude from all this? It appears that while our decisions are ultimately ours to make, God does have a role in guiding us along the way.

He knows what’s best for us even when we don’t always see it ourselves; however He also respects our ability to choose which path we take in life.

What Does the Bible Say About Getting Everything You Want?

The Bible is very clear that God wants us to be happy and to have everything we need. However, it also says that we should not put our hope in earthly things, but rather in God himself. This means that while we can ask for things like a new car or a bigger house, we should not expect that these things will make us truly happy.

Instead, we should focus on living a good life according to God’s standards and trusting him to provide for us.


In the blog post, the author discusses whether or not we can demand things from God. The author begins by discussing a time when they were going through a difficult time and how they felt like they needed something from God in order to get through it. However, the author eventually realized that they couldn’t demand anything from God and that they had to trust that God would provide for them.

The author goes on to say that we often times put our trust in things that we can’t control, like money or success, but that we should really be putting our trust in God.

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