Do Chickens Keep Snakes Away

There are many ways to keep snakes away from your property, but one of the most popular is to keep chickens. Chickens will not only eat snakes, but they will also scare them away with their loud noises. If you live in an area with a lot of snakes, it is worth considering getting a few chickens to keep around.

How to Keep Snakes AWAY from Your Chicken Coop

There’s a common belief that chickens keep snakes away. But is there any truth to it? It’s hard to say for sure, but there are some theories as to why this might be the case.

Chickens are known to be very curious creatures, and they may not be afraid of snakes like other animals are. This means that they could potentially scare off snakes by their mere presence. Additionally, chickens eat insects – which are a major food source for many snakes.

So, if there aren’t many insects around, the snakes may not have anything to eat and will move on in search of food. Of course, this isn’t a guaranteed method of snake prevention. But it couldn’t hurt to have a few chickens around if you’re worried about these slithering critters!

Do Chickens Attract Snakes

Chickens are known to attract snakes. In fact, many farmers will use chickens as a bait to catch snakes. The smell of chicken is irresistible to snakes, and they will often follow the scent until they find the source.

Chickens are also known to eat snake eggs, which can help reduce the number of snakes on your property.

Do Chickens Keep Snakes Away


Do Snakes Stay Away from Chickens?

No, snakes do not stay away from chickens. In fact, they are often attracted to chicken coops because of the presence of rodents. Snakes will enter a chicken coop in search of food and can sometimes become a nuisance if they are not removed.

Chickens are also vulnerable to snake attacks and can be killed by them. It is important to take precautions against snakes if you have a chicken coop, such as keeping the area clean and free of debris, and using snake-proof fencing.

Are Snakes Scared of Chickens?

No, snakes are not scared of chickens. In fact, they often prey on them. Chickens are a common food source for many types of snakes, and they will even enter chicken coops in search of a meal.

Snakes are also attracted to the warmth that chickens generate, making them an easy target for cold-blooded predators.

What Animals Keep Snakes Away?

There are a few animals that are known to help keep snakes away. One such animal is the king cobra. The king cobra is a large, venomous snake that is native to parts of Asia and Africa.

The king cobra is an apex predator and has been known to eat other snakes, including venomous ones. While the king cobra is not an easy animal to keep as a pet, it can be helpful in keeping snakes away from your home. Another animal that can help keep snakes away is the mongoose.

The mongoose is a small mammal that is native to Africa and parts of Asia. The mongoose is known for its ability to kill venomous snakes, including cobras. Mongooses are not easy animals to keep as pets either, but they can be helpful in keeping snakes away from your home.

One last animal that can help keep snakes away is the catfish. Catfish are freshwater fish that are native to Africa and parts of Asia. Catfish have long, sharp teeth that they use to eat smaller fish and invertebrates.

Do Chickens Hunt Snakes?

Chickens are not known for their hunting abilities, but they will go after small prey if given the chance. Snakes are definitely on the menu for chickens, and they have been known to kill and eat them. Chickens typically hunt snakes by using their beak to pin the snake down, then proceeding to rip it apart with their powerful legs.

While this might not seem like the most effective method of hunting, it apparently works well enough for chickens.


Chickens are known to be afraid of snakes, which is why some people believe that they can help keep snakes away from your property. Chickens will make noise and try to get away when they see a snake, which can alert you to the presence of one. Chickens also eat insects, including the ones that snakes like to eat, so having chickens around may reduce the number of snakes in your area.

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