Do Guinea Fowls Deter Snakes

Guinea fowls are a type of chicken that is known for its ability to deter snakes. The bird’s strong sense of smell and loud call make it an effective natural snake repellent. Guinea fowls will actively seek out and kill snakes, making them a valuable asset in areas where the reptiles are a problem.

Guineas and snake

One of the benefits of owning guinea fowl is that these birds will help to deter snakes from your property. Guinea fowl have a keen sense of smell and they will often alert you to the presence of a snake long before you would ever see it. These birds are also very territorial and they will chase away any snake that they perceive as a threat.

While there is no guarantee that guinea fowl will completely eliminate snakes from your property, they can certainly help to reduce the number of these reptiles around.

Do Guinea Fowl Kill Snakes

When it comes to killing snakes, guinea fowl are some of the best in the business. These birds have a reputation for being fearless when it comes to predators, and they will go after snakes with a vengeance. In fact, guinea fowl have been known to kill cobras and other venomous snakes.

There are several reasons why guinea fowl are so effective at killing snakes. For one, they have sharp claws that can grip a snake’s body tightly. Additionally, their beaks are strong enough to puncture a snake’s skin.

And finally, guinea fowl have a very strong sense of smell, which allows them to locate hidden snakes quickly. If you’re looking for an animal that can help keep your property snake-free, then consider getting some guinea fowl. Just be warned that these birds can be quite loud!

Do Guinea Fowls Deter Snakes


Will Guinea Fowl Keep Snakes Away?

If you’re looking for a natural way to keep snakes away, you may have heard that guinea fowl can be helpful. But do they really work? Guinea fowl are native to Africa and related to chickens.

They’re known for their loud, screeching calls. Some people believe that these calls will scare away snakes. There’s no scientific evidence to support this claim.

However, some farmers say that guinea fowl do help keep snakes away from their property. It’s thought that the birds’ constant movement and noise make it difficult for snakes to stay hidden and hunt for food. If you decide to get guinea fowl, be aware that they can be noisy and destructive.

They also require a lot of space, so they’re not suitable for everyone.

What Animals Keep Snakes Away?

There are a number of animals that keep snakes away, including: – Frogs: These amphibians secrete toxins from their skin that can kill or deter snakes. – Toads: Like frogs, toads also secrete toxins from their skin that can harm snakes.

– Snakes: Some species of snakes are known to eat other snakes, so having them around can help to keep the population down. – Birds of prey: These predators will often target snakes as part of their diet, helping to keep numbers low. – Mongooses: These small carnivores are known for their ability to kill and eat snakes, making them excellent snake deterrents.

Do Guinea Fowl Keep Predators Away?

Guinea fowl are known for their loud calls, which can be heard from up to a mile away. Some people believe that these calls help to keep predators away. While there is no scientific evidence to support this claim, it is possible that the loud noise created by the guinea fowl may make it more difficult for predators to approach undetected.

In addition, the sharp claws and beak of the guinea fowl can also deter predators.

What is a Guinea Fowl Good For?

A guinea fowl is a chicken-like bird that is native to Africa. They are usually considered to be pests, but they can actually be quite useful. For one thing, they are excellent at killing snakes and other small animals that might otherwise pose a threat to humans or livestock.

Additionally, their meat is lean and flavorful, making them a popular choice for those looking for an alternative to chicken.


If you’re looking for a natural way to deter snakes from your property, you may want to consider keeping guinea fowl. These birds are known for their loud calls and their ability to scare away predators. While they won’t kill snakes, they will make them feel unwelcome and encourage them to find somewhere else to live.

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