Do Spiders Need Water

No, spiders do not need water. In fact, they can live for long periods of time without having any water at all. Spiders get the moisture they need from the air and from their prey.

How Spiders Drink Water

Do Spiders Need Water? While most spiders are able to live their entire lives without ever taking a drink, some species of spiders require water to survive. The Australian tarantula, for example, will often bask in puddles or dew to absorb enough moisture to stay hydrated.

In the wild, these spiders will build burrows near sources of water so they can keep their bodies moist. Spiders that live in hot, dry climates are especially at risk of dehydration and must be extra careful to find ways to stay hydrated. If a spider doesn’t have access to water, it will gradually start to shrink and eventually die.

This is why it’s important to provide your pet spider with a water dish if you live in a warm climate. In general, however, most spiders don’t need much water and can get all the moisture they need from the insects they eat. So if you see a spider hanging out by the water cooler at work, don’t worry – he’s just trying to stay cool!

Do Spiders Need Oxygen

Most people believe that spiders need oxygen to survive, but this is actually a myth. Spiders can live without oxygen for long periods of time, thanks to a special protein in their blood that allows them to breathe anaerobically. So why do spiders sometimes seem to need oxygen?

It turns out that the protein that allows them to breathe anaerobically is only active at certain temperatures. When it gets too cold, the protein stops working and the spider suffocates. This is why you’ll often see spiders moving towards warmth when they’re dying – they’re trying to reactivate the protein so they can breathe again.

So next time you see a spider gasping for air, don’t worry – it’s not going to die just yet. But if you want to help it out, you can always give it a little blast of warm air from a hairdryer!

Do Spiders Need Water


How Often Does a Spider Need Water?

While the frequency of watering needed for spiders varies based on the species, most spiders kept as pets require water every other day. If the humidity in your home is particularly low, you may need to mist your spider’s enclosure once daily.

How Long Can Spiders Survive Without Water?

Most spiders can survive for a long time without water. Some desert spiders can go for over a year without drinking any water at all. However, most spiders will drink water if it is available to them.

How Do You Give Spiders Water?

Spiders are able to drink water, but they don’t require a lot of it. A small dish of water placed in their enclosure is usually sufficient. If you notice your spider isn’t drinking, you can try misting its enclosure lightly with water to encourage it to drink.

How Does a House Spider Get Water?

While most spiders are able to drink water, the house spider is not one of them. Instead, they get the moisture they need from the air and from their prey. When a house spider feels thirsty, it will extend its mouthparts and absorb moisture from the air around it.

They also get some moisture from their prey – as they eat, they’ll suck out any body fluids present. This helps keep them hydrated and healthy!


No, spiders do not need water. They get all the moisture they need from their prey.

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